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Pete On Real Estate Law

  • Why blog about land use, transactions, eminent domain, COAH, landlord/tenant, condominium associations, or any of the other topics under the real property umbrella?  Believe it or not, there are many interesting and humorous stories that are related to real estate law.   I challenge you to stick around.  As for me, a self-professed law geek, I am determined to not only raise a brow with real estate issues affecting New Jersey and surrounding areas but also to whet your appetite with some unusual non-real estate topics.  

Kate on Development and Redevelopment

  • Redevelopment, land use, and real estate shape the character, culture, and value of our community. I concentrate my practice in these areas, providing redevelopment, land use, and real estate advice, as well as counseling clients on related issues like financial incentives, affordable housing, the Highlands Act, and condominium law because thoughtful and strategic development is so crucial to the success of the broader community. Our blog will highlight new developments and recent trends in the real estate and redevelopment world. Feel free to post comments or contact me should you need any additional information!

Porzio’s Real Estate / Land Use Team

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